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If you’re a victim of a car accident, there are certain accident claims you could make. Our accident solicitors can help you with a no win, no fee accident claim. Car accident victims can make an accident compensation claim.

It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after a car accident.  This is because strict time limits apply in these claims.

Good compensation lawyers may be able to help you to still make a claim even after about three (3) years. However, in all claims, you will need to be able to prove that the accident was caused (in part or in whole) by another person.

It’s essential to make a detailed note of the whole incident and take photographs as well. Keep an accurate record of all that you lost financially. Finally, keep the contact details of the wrongdoer and possible witnesses handy.

Accident claims should give you access to both general damages and special damages. General damages cover the compensation for your injuries while special damages cover the financial losses you suffered due to the accident.

Why You May Need to Hire a No Win No Fee Accident Claim Lawyer

Sadly, car accidents occur daily. Most accident claims are a result of a crash involving a truck or a car. A lot of these accidents cause vehicle damage and is usually handled by contacting your insurance company. But, car accidents resulting in death, physical injury, or other severe damage may require legal representation of qualified compensation lawyers.

A qualified lawyer will get you the compensation to cover the losses incurred as a result of the accident. These include car repairs, lost wages, and medical expenses.

What to Look for When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident solicitors cover several issues arising from motor vehicle accidents including liability determinations, property damage, wrongful death, and personal injury.

Personal injury describes an injury to the mind and body. It also indicates a type of tort claim where the plaintiff has sustained an injury to his or her bodyIt could be due to the wrongful action of another person, company, government agency, or entity. Usually, the insurer of the one who caused the injury or harm compensates the one who suffered the losses.

The majority of personal injury cases are based on negligence. However, recklessness and intentional conduct can also be grounds for liability. The victim in making claims needs to show that the defendant had a duty to act carefully in the situation but didn’t. They will also need to present their evidence to verify those claims.

When searching for no win no fee 100 percent compensation lawyers, you should focus on their fee structure, commitment, skill level, experience, and location.

For instance, your solicitor should know how to deal with insurance firms, understand the transport laws, and plan and settle accident claims effectively. Also, always check the lawyer’s experience, track record, and reviews.

Excellent accident solicitors will typically take your case on a no win no fee accident basis if the lawyer feels your claim has any merit. So it’s essential to check the lawyer’s basic fee structure.

Compulsory Third-Party Claims

This is a type of accident claim that provides compensation for people injured or killed when your vehicle is involved in an accident. This particular type of insurance is compulsory in all states of Australia.

In Queensland, CTP is part of your vehicle registration which you pay annually and there are number of types of vehicle classes which are required to be registered.

The CTP covers the cost of compensation claims if you (or anyone driving your car) are responsible for a vehicle accident that injures or kills other road users. Whilst it does not recognise a loss or damage to property, including vehicles, you may be able to recover compensation for damage to certain items, such as reading glasses in an accident.

In this policy, the insurer is required to pay the legal liability of the driver or other person at fault.  Insurers may be able to recover against drivers of vehicles in limited circumstances. The injured person can file a claim for compensation for injury or death caused by accident. They can do this with the help of accident solicitors. CTP claims are prevalent in Queensland and one of the most common types of injury is whiplash.

What is Contributory Negligence?

This is a situation where the person making the claim contributed to the cause of the accident. In this case, they may only be able to recover a reduced amount of their total damages. Defendants would usually present evidence to back up their claim of the victim’s involvement.

Personal injury lawyers are usually out to seek justice for victims and defendants. They aim to encourage general good behavior in society. Personal injury cases could include; car accidents, medical negligence, workplace injuries, dog bites, and many more.

We provide you with accident solicitors, who help you in your accident claims cases. We also offer services in the area of personal injury law. We solicit for you in many types of personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation, public liability, compulsory third-party claims, or medical negligence. All these services are on a no win no pay basis.

This means that if for whatever reason your claim is unsuccessful, you’ll not have to pay any fee. For our approved clients, we make available, disbursement funding. Their disbursements will be funded until the resolution of their claim. With disbursement funding, we can make available top experts who will provide reports and/or opinions when the need be.

When to Hire No Win No Fee Accident, Solicitors

Whiplash claims

It is proper to get a lawyer quickly to prevent any issues. Although the deadline for filing car accident claims differs from state to state, it is best get advice as soon as possible.

Filing on time is crucial since you may need to cover medical expenses. So the earlier you reach out to a lawyer, the better. Overall, you should contact a no win no fee accident lawyer immediately after the accident happens — within 7 or 14 days or of the accident, if possible.

Questions to Ask

Before hiring any lawyer, you should have a lot of accurate information about the auto accident and financial losses. This includes the information shared at the car accident spot, insurance policy and medical records. Here are some questions you can ask car accident solicitors before hiring:

  • Do you have any specific experience with the particular type of injury? What section of your practice is dedicated to car accident claims?
  • What is the average settlement range for claims like mine?
  • Will you handle all of car accident lawsuit?
  • How do you structure your fees?

There are a lot of great packages that you can look forward to when you hire us. However, we’ll make a quick detour to look at some of these concepts we’ve highlighted. It would give you a clear picture and understanding of what to expect if you’re in the middle of such claim cases.

You need to understand the process, and also what to expect from your no win, no fee compensation lawyers. When you’re within your rights to make claims, be it accident claims or any other type, you need to know what to do. No Win No Pay Lawyers will be here to guide you through it all.

No Win No Fee Accident Claim

Reach out to us to make sure your rights are protected. Our no win no fee compensation lawyers have been serving injured car vehicle accident victims in Australia for several years. And we are dedicated to defending the rights of victims injured by negligent parties.

We understand that car accidents occur when you don’t expect it, and it may change your life forever. That said, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to cover loses and pay for medical treatment. We will come in and control the legal process, so you can concentrate on recovering.

The best way to win any case is to have a lawyer who gives you the assurance of as little risk as possible in the process.

Also, with years of experience in personal injuries, we are best placed to challenge corporate wrongdoers, the largest insurance companies, and insurance defence lawyers at any corporate law firm.

Accident Claims

Our firm was established by a Queensland Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist and is one of the only Queensland law firms founded by a former in-house CTP lawyer.

Caps on our fees start at 30%, and that includes GST. We also offer a free initial consultation to all new inquiries; can it get any better than this? Contact No Win No Pay Lawyers today, and let’s help you make that claim!

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