No Win No Fee Personal Injury

Personal injury is a term in law that refers to damage to the body, mind, or even feelings, however, not to property. This injury may or may not be due to intentions to cause harm to the victim.

Personal injuries differ and can involve spinal cord fractures, traumatic brain injuries, simple bruises, soft tissue injuries, and accidents due to product defects. These injuries often demand the help of no win no fee personal injury lawyers to help sufferers get informed on their rights.

Out of these, automobile accidents are the most common. Personal injury cases may also include toxic torts, in which a contaminant is spread by water or air and causes disease, damage, or even death.

Personal injury law (also called tort law) is the part of a law that addresses situations caused by another person’s negligence to use reasonable care.

The definition of reasonable care differs from one case to another. A person may be responsible for injury caused by negligent or reckless action. The victim’s injury must be caused by and be a foreseeable result of the defendant’s action.

No fee no win personal injury claims

Personal injury can arise from different situations on any day. No fee no win personal injury lawyers will offer legal services in the area of personal injuries on a no win no fee basis across all areas of personal injury law. No win no fee injury solicitors will assist clients who were injured, wronged, or who experienced damage at the hands of another in respect of their person, rights, property, or reputation.

No win no pay personal injury lawyers are civil litigators who provide legal assistance to plaintiffs who are claiming physical or psychological injury as the result of negligence from others.

Our no win no fee injury lawyers are set to offer legal services to its teaming clients around the world. At no win no pay law, we believe that a successful client makes a successful lawyer. Hence, our clients will we will charge our clients after we have won a claim.

No win no fee envisions offering the best legal services to the public. The majority of plaintiffs in personal injury claims will recover damages for health expenses, , pain and suffering, lost earnings, lost superannuation and lawyer fees.

Also, personal injuries come in different degrees and forms. And we are fully equipped with the best lawyers to litigate on any matter personal injury matter. Personal injury claims covered by the no win no fee lawyers include:

  1. Consumer Protection No Win No Fee Claims

Products and services sometimes threaten the well being of consumers, even when they are meant to serve. In cases where personal injuries or losses are recorded on account of the use of a product or service, our no win no fee lawyers are ready to litigate on behalf of our esteemed clients. Our solicitors are prepared to assist you in respect of:

  • Defective products
  • Product liability claims (within Australia)
  1. Workers’ compensation no win no fee personal injury claims

Most people spend a considerable amount of their time working to make ends meet. However, the workplace can pose hazards to employees resulting in injuries and losses. No win no fee injury claims cover all aspects involving injuries or losses incurred at workplaces by workers who are qualified to file a suit. These injuries include:

  • Machinery accidents
  • Falling
  • Workplace violence
  • Slips and falls
  • Struck by an object
  • Overexertion
  1. Animal Personal Injury Claims

Domestic animals are kept at home because we feel they are cute to have around. Some domestic animals can be friendly and yet others very fierce. Bodily injuries sustained as a result of attacks by domestic animals are quite unfortunate. But you can file claims against animal owners for medical or financial expenses incurred.

All personal injuries or losses that occur as a result of the following can be handled by no win no fee personal injury lawyers:

  • Animal attacks
  • Dog bite attacks
  1. No win no fee claims against the police for personal injury

The police have the legal responsibility to protect the public and keep law and order. Sometimes, the police can become a thorn in the flesh for citizens thereby resulting to losses or injuries. No win no fee lawyers are available to assist citizens on claims relating to the Police Force where their right is being threatened or trampled upon. These assaults may include:

  • Police assault claims
  • A wrongful arrest or detention claims
  • Damage claims
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Medical and hospital expenses or loss of earnings as a result of law enforcement actions
  • Pain and suffering damages
  1. Public liability

Public places accommodate a large number of people every day. From the shopping spaces, to market places, and religious places of worship. Danger lurks everywhere, especially in the absence of safety measures by the authorities or persons responsible. No win no fee injury claims also cover all aspects of injuries or loss that occur at public locations.

Our solicitors are ready to toil day and night for people with severe injuries as a result of:

  • Slips and falls
  • Dangerous areas, slippery surfaces, inadequate lighting, disrepair, holes, and cracks
  • Lift, gate and door malfunction
  • Poorly fitted and maintained equipment
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Vehicle accidents (not covered by compulsory third party insurance)
  1. Road Accident Claims

The no win no fee personal injury claims also cover the Compulsory third party claims. Clients who are involved in accidents with a third party will have the no win no fee compensation claims.

  1. Transportation Injury Claims

Human activities require that we move from one place to another. Whether by road, air, or water, safety precautions must be put in place. When these precautions are not put in place, the lives of passengers are at risk. Our lawyers can also take on bodily injuries claims. These injuries may be incurred while making use of public transport or facilities operated by public transport providers can also be prosecuted by our lawyers. No win no fee injury lawyers can work with you in cases of:

  • Fall or push claims against public transport providers
  • Metrorail or other train accident claims
  • Aviation accident claims
  • Train accident claims
  • Medical negligence.

You can describe this as the failure of a doctor, surgeon, dentist, or nurse to provide medical care which results in injury or harm to a patient. Medical practitioners by law, have a duty to provide medical care to patients. When they fail in that duty, it becomes medical negligence.

It occurs when a health provider acts in a way that is contrary to the medical standard of care. In other words, if they provide sub-standard treatment they are said to be negligent.

In determining such claims, a jury will usually consider experts’ testimony. They aim to deduce whether the health provider under scrutiny followed standard procedure. In a surgery case, for instance, the jury will use expert testimony from a competent surgeon.

They try to find out whether the defendant acted below the accepted standard of care. Here the specialist will usually narrate what he or she would have done in a similar situation. Based on this, comparisons are drawn and deductions made.

If medical negligence doesn’t cause any harm, there would be no claims. It moves from negligence to malpractice when the actions have devastating effects. For you to have a strong case, you should be able to prove the following; that the doctor was under obligation to provide medical care to you, that he/she was negligent, and that the negligence caused the injury.

You may sue for medical malpractice in cases like, failure to diagnose or improper treatment. Also, patients can sue for physical pain, mental anguish, and additional medical bills.

Our no fee no win lawyers are in an excellent position to investigate and prosecute all aspects of personal injury arising from medical negligence. We are highly qualified  and ready to assist you in cases of:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical negligence
  • Wrongful death
  • Hospital or care facility negligence
  • Birth injury or wrongful birth
  • Doctor, nurse, anesthetist or physician malpractice and negligence
No win no fee personal injury law disbursement funding

We understand that not all clients will be financially capable of funding their suits. That is why no win no pay made the option of disbursement funding available to its clients. Approved clients can get access to disbursement funding. This means that we will arrange for the client’s disbursement to be funded until the resolution of their claims.

Fees for no win no fee injury claims are affordable, starting at 30% of the value of the injury claims. This includes Goods and Services Tax (GST).

No Win No Pay Lawyers can meet with you to review your case and seek monetary damages on your behalf. Our legal services are provided across the following office locations: Brisbane CBD, Chermside, and Varsity Lakes. To schedule a consultation with our no win no fee personal injury solicitor, click here.

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